The Adamson Advantage

WordsAdamson Writers & Editors knows that business success depends on effective communication. One of the most effective ways to communicate is through your company’s annual report.

The annual report is often one of the most underutilized documents produced by the organization, yet it should be one of the most important.

A carefully crafted annual report allows you to present yourself as you wish to be seen by the people who matter.

The importance of the firm’s annual report:

  • numbers must be filed with regulators
  • powerful marketing tool
  • once-a-year opportunity to present your organization to all your stakeholders: customers, suppliers, partners and employees as well as your shareholders and creditors
  • perfect vehicle for telling your stakeholders how you see the issues that affect your enterprise


How Adamson Writers & Editors Works for You

We will:

  • meet with you to talk about the budget, deadlines and a preliminary production schedule
  • look at previous annual reports and research your company and industry to get a feel for your organization and what you have already said about it
  • develop a key message in discussions with you
  • draft an outline of the content that may include contributions from your own people and original material written by us
  • deal with designers and printers
  • oversee production and on-time delivery of the final product

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