The Adamson Advantage

WordsAdamson Writers & Editors knows that well-edited material is easier to read and, therefore, easier to understand. It’s essential that you get your message across and look professional at the same time. Proper grammar, easy-to-read sentences and ideas that flow logically are all essential to creating the maximum impact on your readers.

We ensure your content is correct and presented in the language, style and layout you need to communicate with your audience.

Adamson Writers & Editors retains your voice and ensures that your meaning is clear. The grammar is always correct.

How Adamson Writers & Editors Works for You

After you have sent us a draft, we assess the content and purpose of your document to determine which level of editing best suits your needs. Adamson Writers & Editors offers two different levels of editing.

1. Structural Editing

Adamson will organize your material to make sure the paragraphs, sentences and vocabulary capture what you want to say and express it in a style that will appeal to your audience. The text will flow logically and smoothly to retain your readers’ interest. All facts will be checked.

2. Copy Editing

You have already written a document but you want to ensure it reads well and that all grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct. In addition, you want abbreviations, numbers, and capitalization to be consistent throughout and consistent with other documents produced by your organization.

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