The Adamson Advantage

WordsAdamson Writers & Editors appreciates that many business people have a great idea that could be the foundation of an interesting article, book, white paper, or marketing material, but are too busy to write about it. Some writing assistance from Adamson Writers & Editors is all you need to turn that interesting idea into a career-enhancing document.

Adamson Writers & Editors knows how to take complex ideas and express them to fit the level of understanding of your audience.

Whether you’re the CEO, a mid-level executive, or the most recent addition to the firm, it’s your ideas that enhance the company’s profile. Adamson Writers & Editors has the expertise to bring your ideas to life.

If your ideas require research ─ no problem. In addition to having the requisite research skills for most business topics in English, Adamson Writers & Editors can also do research in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

How Adamson Writers & Editors Works for You

We will:

  • give you a professional voice because we understand and write in the language of business; Adamson Writers & Editors specializes in accounting, finance, investment and law
  • review your draft and tell you what it does or doesn’t need
  • discuss your ideas to determine what you want to say; the interview can be done in person or over the telephone
  • write a draft for your review
  • ensure the final version is error free and meets with your approval before you submit it for publication

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