The Adamson Advantage

WordsAdamson Writers & Editors knows that well-written material must also be well presented. If your company’s material is perfectly structured with correct grammar but has typos, set-up irregularities or errors in the final published product, then it will reflect poorly on your company’s image.

Adamson Writers & Editors
has a quality control specialist who will ensure that your final product is published error free.


How Adamson Writers & Editors Works for You

We will:

  • review the final edited version after it returns from desktop publishing and/or layout to make sure no errors remain from the editing process and that none has been introduced during set-up
  • compare the final draft with the set-up version to make certain all content is present and that nothing extraneous, such as editor’s notes or material from an old template, has accidentally been introduced into the final version
  • check the table of contents, page numbers, headers, footers, graphs, numerical tables, indices, etc. to confirm the final document is error free and ready to be printed or uploaded

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