The Adamson Advantage

Adamson Writers & Editors knows that white papers are a powerful way to propose a course of action to get the positive results you need to move forward.

Become a Thought Leader


White papers are formal documents that examine problems in detail and offer persuasive arguments in favour of a particular solution. They are powerful instruments for internal discussion or compelling marketing tools for external consumption. A well-written and effectively marketed white paper can establish you as a thought leader in your industry. The white paper differs from the brochure, datasheet or product brief by arguing benefits rather than describing features.

Adamson Writers & Editors specializes in the Business Benefits White Paper. These documents argue for the implementation of business decisions and are read by decision makers. They are also important for introducing the benefits of new products and generating leads or as a leave-behind piece after a client meeting in the later stages of the sales cycle. White papers can easily be converted into articles for trade publications.

How Adamson Writers & Editors Works for You

We meet, either in person or by telephone, to discuss the purpose and scope of your white paper. You tell us what you want to achieve.

We will:

  1. Make a needs assessment. What is the problem and what solution do you want?
  2. Define your audience. Who are they? Are you trying to educate them, encourage them to make a purchase, or persuade them to a new course of action?
  3. Produce an outline and review it with you.
  4. Interview experts and do other research, as needed.
  5. Write a draft for your review.
  6. Rewrite and edit to produce the final version.

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NOTE: White Papers and Case Studies Work Well Together

White papers work well with case studies as marketing tools. The white paper introduces your product or service with a strongly persuasive benefits argument; the case study tells the story of how a client bought and successfully used the product or service.

Together, the two make a good package for presentation to qualified prospects.

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